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Monday, May 17, 2004

This isn't a good photo really, but here is the top daughter got a few months ago when I finally finished it. It is the first one I did the sleeves from the body to the wrist attached to the sweater. Very interesting and a good outcome too. The collar rolled the wrong way, but still looked good, though I know for next time to do the opposite of what I did here for a proper rolled collar. This was also the first time I did buttonholes while I knit the pieces, instead of afterwards in the border.

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The yarn was very thin in this garment, but did not have a label, I think it was a nylon or acrylic, not wool anyway. Washes in the machine without going out of shape, that's good for toddler clothing though. Son has had dry nights all month apart from a few nights, seems to be a wednesday or thursday when he wets. I love that he knows he's trying really hard.


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