Just Plodding Along

Saturday, May 22, 2004

I'm supposed to be making a hot bedtime drink, but I'm here blogging instead so I'll make it quick. I took son to his friend's house today and they had so much fun running around and playing with each other. I'll have to take him back some time, his friends mother is very friendly and easy to talk to so that makes it easier. Been knitting when I can, got one more celtic braid repeat to go, then I think I'll stop and figure out how to do the shoulders. Good for practising anyway, especially the steeking (should be awful fun!). Wanting to get the digital camera out and take a photo of my progress, as I think I can get the lighting right and show the lumpiness of the cables. Daughter likes the look of it too, and likes to touch the fabric as I knit it.
Off to make hot drinks.


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