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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I Got Away

Just for a few days anyway. First time ever I've had time just to sit and think and not lift a finger! (Except for personal hygiene). Oh yes, it was a good thing, friends I tell you. Loads of time, well two days and three nights, to think about my situation and just relax with it. And I got a better sleep on the last night too, which set up my Monday morning quite nicely. Something has changed a little over the weekend and it wasn't just me. Went to an appointment Monday afternoon and got some stuff sorted that needed to be, and I'm sitting a little better now that the other half knows what needs to be done - and what doesn't need to be done too.

Saw Swordfish while I was away, and the host had a Women's Pampering Night on Saturday too, so I ate yummy food, gave and received a nice back rub and put nail polish on before I left it too long and wimped out. Was good fun.


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