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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Took progress photos today, and yeah they're still on the camera - so what. Son had fun with the camera today also, taking photos of everything that got in his way. Many arty farty ones and a few normal people ones. Some of his Dad fixing computers and some of his sister laying around on the floor pretending to be a cat. All in all, great fun was had by the son.

And again tonight he's up until 10pm, what's with that? Even I'm tired by then and want to collapse into bed, but oh no, he's mucking with a find-a-word book making up new games and in no way looking or acting tired. I think he's allergic to sleeping. He jumps out of bed early too, demanding "breksfist" and the tv on.

He missed his Dad tonight though and wanted him to come home from work early. Son does like it that his Dad works too, I can see he feels good about it when we get into the company car or when Dad is going away to work.

Daughter was funny today and wanted her preschool teachers to come and have dinner with us tonight! They just laughed. They enjoy her personality and tell me about it almost every time I pick her up. Apparently I'm going to have fun with her when she's a teenager, although I don't think so with the way she's growing up now.

Okay, I'll get the photos off the camera another time, they're looking good. The aran is done up to the shoulders, and I have the sleeves to do now. Should be fun.


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