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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Where I Want To Make Stuff Again

There is so much inspiration out there, not only on the internet but all around me. Everyday things can be transformed into wonderful creative things. I just need a bit of time and the materials and I'm sure I can do it too. For a start on Monday afternoon both kids got eye patches hand sewn for them. I want to do so much more, as I have collected up quite a bit of material off old clothes and bits and pieces given to me from family. I was thinking coming home today wouldn't it be awesome to make a quilted jacket to wear in this chilly weather. Though I would look completely out of place in the area I live in I couldn't care less.

Found this gorgeous stuffie Image Hosted by ImageShack.uson Wee Wonderfuls the other day, a real inspiration to give something new a try. Also you might notice there is a free pattern for the wee cardigan there just above the photo. Neat. Now I want to make stuffies. (Daughter and Son just about have a zoo with all the store bought ones, and a few I've done a while ago).

Finally decided to give the neck on Daughter's Aran That She'll Never Wear 'Cause She Doesn't Like Purple a go with two circular needles. I think so far it's been easier using them than the double pointed needles I've been meaning to get a hold of.
Sister2 gave me this basket yonks ago, and I've been using it as a knitting basket. This means my projects stay in the same place and don't get mixed up in other junk that ends up next to the chair I seem to always knit in.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The ribbing on the neck I'm doing at the moment...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I think that even if Daughter won't wear this jersey, then I'll at least finish it and put it in a clothing bin so someone will wear it. Should be really warm too.

And a photo of the cat being extra cute, even though he knows it is pouring with rain outside, and he comes back in soaking and wants to sleep on the bed with Hubby..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Okay, I'm off to look through my stuff to see what I can do with it today. Kids at school, raining outside. I can craft and do laundry at the same time - woo hoo!


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