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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Many Things

Been busy looking after sick children. Yep, we all got a wicked cold. In fact, it almost felt like the flu we had in 2003. Nasty. So that was all last week and weekend. Now today the kids are back off to school, and that went without any problems. I managed to get their rooms to look like I could walk in without breaking anything. You can see the carpet now too. Hooray!
I have sewed in all the ends of the pink and blue cardigan, and I want to block it too, though I'll have to wait for Hubby to get his computer equipment off the dining table. We haven't eaten at that table for weeks now, not including the BBQ last weekend, so I'll have to be patient. I also need to look up approximately how many stitches to cast on for the sleeves, which I'm going to try to do this afternoon if the kids are happy on their own for a while.
I found the Machinist link too, where Christian Bale talks about the movie a little. It's a quick clip, though there is fake blood spread on the floor, so use discretion if you need to. It's here on YouTube.
I've been trying to find a photo of Doug Hutchison in the now cancelled series Kidnapped, but alas I failed. So here's Billy Boyd biting his lip instead....
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