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Monday, September 11, 2006

The Aftermath

Actually, I don't feel too bad after the busy day we had yesterday. There was a big dinner at the Hoon Hay 88, which for those of you playing at home is a smorgasboard restaurant. Or All You Can Eat. I think Hubby and his brother took advantage of that and did actually eat all that they could. It was quite disgusting really watching all the food getting shoved in their tummies. Hubby's Mum also put some ham in her handbag 'for tea later on'. This was all Hubby's sister who was turning 50, and celebrating before she even got to the restaurant by downing a few Canterbury Creams. Oh well, why not, she doesn't do that every day.

After the meal we came home and Hubby's Mum came with us. Then Niece and Nephew arrived and the skates were brought out. Hubby, Nephew and Son all skating, which Son absolutely loved. Nephew had his hockey stick with him, and a puck, so he and Son were chasing that up and down our long driveway. Son is getting so good on his skates, especially when he's busy chasing the puck and not concentrating on his feet. A fun day really. I was pretty tired by last night though.

It's a nice day here, so I'll try to get out for another walk later, though Daughter has to get to the doctor in the afternoon for her weigh-in. Medicine update time.

Finished reading The Watchmen, and I sincerely hope Doug Hutchison will be picked for the Rorschach role!!


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