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Friday, September 15, 2006

Massive Attack

Son has been doing lots of drawing, and I snagged a couple of photos, I think they're well done. This one is the cow from barnyard and is a quick sketch...

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I haven't asked Son about this one, but this dude looks evil to me. He's hunched over or near a church or grave...

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He gets very detailed the more time he spends on the picture.
He spent so much time on this picture and I still don't think he's quite finished it. I had to post it, all the rain falling and the money and jewels at the bottom right - I think he could go far if he keeps at it...click to see it big...

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I've been able to almost finish the back of the cardigan too, only about 8 rows to go, and each row is 2 stitches shorter than the one before of course. Then I'll have to have some quiet time to work out how to do the sleeves. I may consult Hubby's sister on that one, as she is knitting heaps of baby stuff at the moment. I want to get some photos of her work before it gets gifted too. Her daughter is due today with a second son I think, so Sister has been knitting quickly to get this last one done on time. A really gorgeous little ribbed cardigan in a beautiful baby powder blue. Waiting patiently for word of baby!


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