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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Book Book

Been writing some more. I did 4, count them, 4 rows of knitting last night after spending about 45 minutes weeding along the fenceline outside the lounge. Son was watching and picking up all the potatoes I was finding. Billy sat in the long grass nearby and loved it when some of my weeds wiggled his grass patch. He'd jump all over the place when that happened. Made spag bol last night, and I enjoyed it too, as I was so hungry. Don't know what's happening on Home and Away, I've missed a few episodes, and now it looks like Matty is bulimic. She's the one that got burned at the cop's wedding when that Psycho lit that fire or whatever. It's become extreme in the storylines these days.

Here's Daughter enjoying the cat Billy sleeping on Son's bed...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
He loves sleeping there as the sun hits that spot about mid afternoon.

Daughter was home yesterday as early in the school day she told the teacher she had vomited into her mouth and was apparently very upset about it. I went and got her and she sat at home with me and Hubby.


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