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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tooth and Heart

So yesterday Son's tooth was finally wiggly enough for me to pull out. He asked me to tie a string around it and attach it to the car like on the ad on TV. I said no of course and just pulled it out with my fingers. It had been hurting him when he tried to eat and by the afternoon he was crying about it. It's out now, and that's the first tooth to come out naturally. Yay! He already has teeth behind the baby teeth which have been there for months now, we call him shark boy because of them...

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The tooth behind will move forward as room becomes available to it.

Also we have another flight booked for early Sunday morning to get the ICD placed. Really early. Early enough that when we get on the plane it will be my usual wake time. 7.10 am. There were no other flights available as it was such short notice. Hopefully this time it'll go ahead. Daughter is thinking about what she wants to wear while we're in hospital, but I think most of the time it'll be hospital gowns. She'll have her favoutite blanket with her though, she said she will share it with me. How sweet.


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