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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Worked the garden over today where I wanted to sow some lettuce and beetroot. I had to look really carefully through the soil after I pulled the weeds, as there are really annoying weeds in that part of the garden. They'll probably pop up but I think I got most of the roots of them out. Got the lettuce and beet seeds in with Son's help and we covered the ground so cats won't have a scratch at the dirt. Then after they've sprouted and grown a little we'll take the cover away so they can go for it. It doesn't look like much but I'll be able to fit about 6 lettuces and maybe close to 2 dozen beets as I don't let them get too big before I pull them to eat. I'll do another photo when they've sprouted so we can see the time they took. Here's the ground before the seeds were put in.

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