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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My Growing Plants

So these are my attempts to grow things from seeds or cuttings. First up is the Sweet William from Dad's house...

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They're about 12 days old now, and doing well I think. I'll have to prick out soon into bigger pots though.

Next to the Sweet William is some sort of Daisy I think from Dad's house also, it's a cutting.
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The tomato cutting was a lateral out of Dad's glasshouse, but I pulled it up today as it wasn't going anywhere and looked dead. Yep, no roots and dry as a bone.

In the red pot, there is a Geranium cutting that was in water for a few weeks, and it seems to be doing well. No sign of it failing yet, and the leaves are nice and green and fresh..
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In my kitchen I have another pumpkin growing, well three actually, but one is nearly flowering. I have already got eight pumpkins in the garden I think.
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Next to the pumpkin, at the edge of the photo, there is yet another attempt to grow an avocado plant from the stone. This is the third one and hopefully it will sprout, I'm following what I've read to do and neither of the other stones did anything. Theirs worked!I had them in the water for over a month each too. In the next pot there are some lavender cuttings and another "daisy" cutting(must look that one up). In the pot to the right (sorry, didn't realise how dark these photos were) there is another cutting of a geranium, but much smaller. I think it's growing though.
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In the jar of water there is a willow twig that is growing roots and leaves, and a piece of marshmallow plant. I know this is really regarded a weed here, but I quite like the wee purple/pink flowers, and if I can control how far it spreads, I think it will be fine.
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Oh, and the Dierama has died off now, and I'm collecting the seeds, but look how much the plants around it has grown. Lettuces, butter beans and swan plant.
19th of December...
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16th of January...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Precision Gardening is a link I just found, when you hover over the plant names it shows a quick description and a photo of the flower.

In glove making news, I've finished both gloves, and seamed one totally. I still reckon it takes almost as much time to seam them as it does to knit them. I've done them in all different colours, so I'll have to take some photos tomorrow in the sunshine - maybe I'll have finished the other glove too.


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