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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Gardening and Ladybirds

So this hot weather isn't keeping me from being in the garden. I had help from my children though. Son is good at searching for insects where I've already dug over. Daughter is good for wandering around looking for her own insects and showing me where to dig next.

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This is the after photo that Son took. It shows the bare dirt where there are lots of seeds like radish, lettuce, beans and chives. The tall plants about half-way along are christmas lillies, and there is a swan plant at the far end that Monarch caterpillars should be covering by now.

That's not all. Sister has been here this weekend working on her Grandson's ladybird blanket.

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Only the one row of ladybirds to finish off the front. Then she's got to weave in all the ends (Huge Job!) and put a back on it and quilt it so it doesn't stretch. It's looking really good, and Niece came over in the early evening for a BBQ tea and saw it. She's chuffed about it! I'll have to find out where Sister got the pattern from. I think it was from a book I had out from the library ages ago. It also has a pattern for a ladybird cushion. It's the same book that had the dog sweater I got the idea from for the ladybird sweater I made for Son yonks ago (that Daughter is now wearing instead)
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I think it's a lovely pattern for a boy or girl.


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