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Monday, November 21, 2005

Bike Ride

Been making another skirt on the sewing machine, and it's just an experiment really. I saw a really neat skirt on the net the other day that someone had made from some mens dress pants, and they looked so cool. You could wear something like that out at night or to work. I'm just seeing if I can hack a pair of pants apart and put them back together as a skirt. It's worked out kind of okay so far.

I've put aside the cabled sweater I'm making for myself almost without thinking about it. I'm just busy doing other crafty stuff at the moment, and with 28C degree weather I don't need it finished for another couple of months!! I do want to work on the crochet shawl I started ages ago. It's bri-nylon though, so it's not the greatest material around. I also want to knit myself another pair of socks out of wool before summer is over. And start on another quilt project. Oh yes, I'm trying to keep as busy as I can! I did finish the first quilt, just forgot to post about it. I finished this on the 8th November, and it is a good lap quilt for Daughter when she is riding in the buggy. I would show it here, but the image hosting site I use is not working this morning. Darn! On this page on Tuesday 17th, there is an unfinished photo where I'm still quilting the top.

So I got a bike the other day, and I've been on a few rides now, one Friday, one today. Today I checked my heart rate while I was riding, and it was between 140 and 152 each time I did it. I rode for 20 minutes, and then walked slowly around the house three times to warm down. Man my legs feel like jelly when I get off the bike, but I like the fact I'm getting fit.
Go and check out what Ralph Fiennes is up to, he's Voldemort in the new Harry Potter movie. Can't wait to see that!


  • At 25/11/05 3:30 AM , Anonymous Belinda said...

    thats adoreable! I love the fabrics you've chosen.

    I have a bunch of old things that I can rip apart and make into something new! this may be the project for me. I was ambitious and started out making handbags lol

    I like the blog too! cute projects.


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