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Friday, March 02, 2007

First Zucchini...

So here's the first zucchini I cut off the plant yesterday. Already there are two more growing and one is half the size of this one too. I'm going to use it in tonight's dinner.

Also here's the biggest pumpking hanging off the fence. It's almost 25 inches already. I've since tied some rope around the top of the stem to give it some help with staying on the vine.

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  • At 8/3/07 1:15 PM , Anonymous Dallas said...

    Hi Rowena, Just read your comment on my space - yep we are pretty excited about moving back to Chch. My parents are still in the same house in L Cres, can you believe it! and Paul's mum lives in Chch too. The boys are usually pretty good with shifting, they help pack their toys and do their best to hinder us as much as possible (kidding!)

    Wow I had a look at the photos of your wee girl and her implant. I'll bet your boy is looking forward to his too! It must give you a little more peace of mind having it in. And I have to say your garden is gorgeous, I don't have green fingers at all so I'm a bit jealous lol. Must be great to grow your own veges!
    Must pop off now and do some packing, we had an offer on the house and if it sells we have to be out in a couple of weeks!


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