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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fishing Again

Hubby and Son came home from their fishing trip without any fish. They were given a fish on Saturday by another fisherman and barbecued it for lunch. Apparently it was good eating. We went out last night as we were told the salmon were running, so from 530pm to nearly 930pm Son and Hubby fished at the mouth of the Waimak at Kairakei. Not even a bite. Even the other fishermen around, and there were a few of them too! didn't catch anything worth eating. There were a few herring caught that I saw, but they were only 5 inches or so long so got thrown back. Son and Daughter had fun though making sand angels and being frightened by the waves coming in onto the sand.
Son even sat still for a few minutes while he watched his Dad trying to catch a fish.

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Gardening wise, I pulled and dug out two red dock plants that were in the way and overgrowing that part of the garden. I chucked the potatoes in some spare ground by the heatpump where it gets a bit dry just to see if they'll grow there. Instead of throwing them away. Also put in a pepper seedling and a tomato seedling but I don't think they're looking good this morning so I'm not hoping too much for them. Inside too I put a wee few cucumber seeds in a bag in the hot water cupboard to see if they'll sprout. I've got about 21 different edible things in the garden, but need more of each type to get us through the autumn and winter months.


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