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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wow, what a day!
After having many days in a row of beautiful hot weather, we finally got rain today. And boy did it bucket down before dawn. Luckily for us the rain had weaned off to a heavy drizzle, so by the time we walked to school we didn't get too wet.
Son brought in a mouse that Billy the cat had been playing with on Sunday morning, by Sunday lunchtime the mouse was loose in the house. Billy ran around after it, and played cat and mouse, then eventually tired of the game and left it alone. We didn't see or hear the mouse again until late last night when I saw it run out of a plastic bag in the kitchen. Then early hours this morning I let Billy in because I could hear it running around in my bedroom. He chased it and played with it for a while, but didn't hurt it, he lovingly carried it from place to place so it could run away from him. Good for the mouse, but not for my nerves. I keep thinking I'm going to stand on the poor wee thing. Here's an action shot, you can see the mouse tail at the bottom of the photo on top of Billy's paw....

Here's the mouse hiding under the TV cabinet...


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