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Monday, April 16, 2007

More Seeds

So Son and I put more seeds in this morning along the north fence. This soil is nice and rich and gets afternoon sun from noon to sunset pretty much. The blue lines are where we put more peas, both dwarf and standard peas. The yellow line is where Son pushed garlic into the soil, nice big cloves too. The pink lines show where I scattered some beans from Sister, I can't remember what type they are, but we'll have plenty as there are some out front too.

In the foreground there is a broccoli that I've let go to seed, it's flowering right now, quite pretty too, and I hope to get some seeds off it later on. Last night the kids and I pulled some seeds out of a leek seed head that was almost ready, still a bit moist when you open up the individual seed pods, so a bit longer and we should be able to shake the seeds out. A couple days ago we did the same thing with some red onion seed heads.


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