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Monday, March 19, 2007

Thunder and Lightning

We had a storm yesterday that lasted for a few hours, the kids enjoyed the sights and sounds. Usually Son is scared by the thunder, but he even watched with me and saw that the thunder was the sound that the lightning made. Though with the hail that came with it, the plants are a bit slashed, like the pumpkins may make it though they look like they've been run over with a lawn mower. I should mow the lawns too, they are getting a bit on the long side now.
Billy the cat played with that mouse for a week in the house before he got a bit too rough with it. I don't know what it was eating to live that long, but almost every night Billy would manage to catch it and play for a while, being very gentle and carrying it around like a kitten when he caught it.
Though on Saturday it all came to an end, and I had to remove the wee body on Sunday morning after the kids had both had a look at it's teeth and found it was a boy mouse. Billy was still waiting here Sunday night for his play even though there was no mouse in behind the oven. He's a hopeful cat....


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