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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

From Yesterday
Here are most of the pumpkins grown in our backyard, I've already given a middle sized one to my Sister, and have cut into one - so that's in the fridge, plus there are four more like the one behind the cup sitting on the picnic table outside just waiting to be invited inside.

You can see where some of the pumpkins were growing, the lawn has a strange pattern on it. That all needs mown to a much shorter length.

So I tidied up the backyard alot more yesterday, including cutting all the dahlia foliage, and pulling out all the pumpkin plants. I found four more smaller pumpkins while I did that too. I did want to carry on and mow the lawn as it needs it but by that time I had already done more than I should, so I didn't. Maybe today?? I pulled out another tomato plant too, and took the fruit off it that looked kinda okay to cook with, maybe I'll make chutney or something.
So this morning I have to do loads of clothes washing and tidy the clutter out of Daughter's bedroom yet again. She likes to pile stuff on the floor next to her bed, so maybe I'll try to convince her for the millionth time to use the bookshelf or the top of her drawers in there. I have to vacuum in the kids rooms too this morning, I think I'll crank the music up and it might make the time go faster. Man, my day sounds so exciting!!
Last night I found a few neat music videos with the movie Equilibrium for the visuals. This one has New Born for the music, and this one has Take A Bow. Both by Muse. I haven't seen this movie but now it's on my to-see-list. As far as I can tell, the main actor is Christian Bale, who just happened to be on TV last Sunday in Empire Of The Sun.


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