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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Here's an update on sisters knitting progress too, since taking this photo, she has knit the collar and done some more seaming.
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Sister has also started knitting the same grandson a 2 X 2 ribbed skivvy, in a bottle green which looks really snazzy. Will have photos of the finished Tiger jacket when I manage to track her down and see it.

She helped us so much on moving day and before that too with having our kids to stay so we could get packing without kids running around looking in boxes etc. We were lucky that she was willing to do that, as I know most people pack while their children are in the same house, so we are very thankful for what she did.

Also hubby's Dad helped on moving day by loaning his car to tow the trailer (which he still drove, but only skidded once on a wet road where a painted arrow was) which was very heavy indeed as it pushed his car down the road nicely. We did three trips in all with me following in our car full of stuff too.

Of course we haven't completely unpacked yet, and the second bedroom has been used as storage until we know where to put everything. Hubby's sister has already stayed the night, and as we speak she is in hospital with a pancreas that is inflamed. The doctors reckon that all the pain she was in on Saturday night before I called the ambulance for her was her gallbladder passing stones! So she is probably in for an operation in the near future to remove the gallbladder, otherwise it will damage the pancreas. Her pain isn't so bad now that the stones have been passed but that doesn't mean she's over the worst yet apparently. Hopefully she can have her operation soon.

I'm listening to Hayley Westenra, Pure, at the moment and really enjoying her singing. She has such a pure voice and she's so young and talented. She is going to go far with her voice one day, not that she hasn't already!
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And to top it off, she is only 17 years old.


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