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Monday, September 12, 2005

Doing Stuff

Or doing stuff all. I've been working away at the sweater and I'm a little up the front now.

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While I knit I have been watching tv and the kids play and simply enjoy the weather warming up the world around me. Finally screened the episode of SVU with Doug Hutchison in it. Scavenger. I really enjoyed it, he's such a brilliant actor, and I hope he continues to make movies and be on TV for a long time to come.

Saw the third Harry Potter finally..

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this is the poster that is on my door as Son is too scared to have it on his own door.

Have been fixing sundry ripped/outgrown items of clothing

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and reading the book Spider by Patrick McGrath. The movie was made with his help and I see that some of the dialogue is straight from the book. Ralph Fiennes portrayed Spider/Dennis amazingly.

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Also been looking after Son, who has yet another cough and snotty nose

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oh it's so much fun, at least it's almost warm outside.


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