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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Red Tape

So over a month ago I got Son in to see the school dentist, as I saw a wee hole in one of his teeth. They refer him to the public hospital as they weren't sure how to treat him with the heart condition he has. So then we waited for an appointment to see public. Thursday before last he had an appointment to be assessed what needed done. By then the tooth that had the small hole had turned a nasty grey colour and we were getting worried that he would need the tooth pulled. The Dentist at public, lets called him Guessing stood over in the corner and mumbled to us what was happening and that Son needs x-rays etc We had to wait outside because of the x-rays and Hubby and I watched through the door as Guessing attempted to get the little plastic slides inside Son's mouth and get Son to bite down lightly on them. But he didn't explain any of this to Son, and tapped Son's lower jaw and made grunting noises until Son had complied. Obviously not the greatest man to be put in a position to deal with children.

This Guessing had the nuts to say that we won't be bringing the other child next appointment - he asked for the defribrillator to be brought with Son. The defibrillator is for Daughter and goes where she goes, as she is the most at risk. Hubby and I are quite angry at this point. Guessing reckons we should try to go privately if we can find anyone that will treat Son.

We get home, and I ring around and find a dentist that will have a look. Then I send the children's cardiologist an email to tell him what was going on and to ask about types of anaesthetic Son could have. He responded that dental treatment was not a problem, and to go for it.

I ring Guessing to get the notes sent to private dentist, all is well.

Guessing rings me back and tells me he's been speaking to Messing, another doctor who told him Son shouldn't have local anaesthetic under any circumstances. So I ring private dentist and ask them what anaesthetic they use. They only use local.

I'm then pushed back to the public waiting list which I have to put Son back on, as when I made the private appointment Guessing took Son off the list. I ring Guessing and make sure Son is back on the waiting list. It could be 8 months before Son has any dental treatment and they'll give him a general anaesthetic to do that.

Hubby and I are understandably upset. Poor Son is already sore where I initially saw the hole, and now he has to wait a long time.

I really want to find someone somewhere to give him a look, but they all freak out at Son's heart condition and direct us back to hospital.

The long Pamol voyage starts here.


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