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Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm A Kiwi and Proud Of It

Why does it take the Lions rugby team to come over and play against our Maori team to unite the country?
Yeah, I don't know why but rugby was actually interesting and exciting to watch last Saturday. Even Hubbys Dad was jumping up and down yelling out, and he's 74! I enjoyed it because the teams were almost evenly scored up to the end, when the New Zealand Maori team pulled through and won. That Carlos Spencer was very keen on kicking the ball lots though, and I don't know if that always paid off.

Anyway, yes I'm from New Zealand and I'm a Kiwi.

So Knitting World in Peterborough Street is having another major sale this week. I really really want to get down there and have a look at their stock. They've advertised $9 ball of wool for $3, so I absolutely must get some now. Mmm, can you tell I haven't bought wool for ages? Not since their last big sale which I think was about August last year. Also Hubby wants a black button for his coat, so that will be the real reason to go and have a look, I don't know if they sell buttons though.

Daughter has another cough and a fever to go with it. I only have the cough. So that's another day of kindy she won't go to. Seems pointless having her enrolled since she has only been there three or so weeks out of the four months she has been on their books. We watched Spongebob Squarepants Movie, and Finding Nemo yesterday, and today we're already watching The Big Freeze (cartoon with all the dinosaur kids). Seems all Daughter wants to do is sit still, keep warm, and drink milo or milk.

I've started on another hat, this one for Daughter, using one of those fancy yarns with all the fluff and uneven lubs on it. It was hard to get any kind of gauge from it, so I cast on what I thought and went with it. After knitting a few rounds, I could see that it would be too big so I did some decreases and it's going to turn out looking a little like a bucket hat, with the flare around the bottom of it. Nice and girly, and Daughter thinks it's so soft.


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