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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


So I am alot happier now. Son has had his teeth sorted out at the public hospital, one was pulled and he had two fillings. The other molars were coated by the looks of them, so hopefully that will prolong any other cavities. Son is really against eating lollies now, he was before, but more so now. He's been asking me if the food he's eating has sugar in it, for everything we're eating, so meal times are fun.

I finally got photos of the scarf I finished back around 7th July, and of the new scarf I made for myself. The original scarf was red, made out of a wool that of course I have lost the label for. It was knit on 4 mm needles and the label had fantastic or fabulous on it I think. The newest scarf is made out of Inca by Patons, knit on 6mm needles, and is 50% wool, 30% acrylic, and 20% alpaca. So soft. Both were knit up with the basketweave pattern, though the Inca scarf is so much thicker, and about 10 inches longer.

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Yes, that's the clothesline, I couldn't get anyone else to model the scarves, so that's where they ended up. Here's a close up of the pattern..

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I am still looking for a pattern for a sweater for myself too, I've got roughly 2000 metres of 8 ply so I will be able to have some cables etc on it.

Last Sunday we all went out to the river again to have another go at the wee motorbike, and this time we took Hubby's sister out with us and she had a go on the bike. Just a small ride though, same with Dad - he hopped on, went a few metres and then had to get off because his hips were too sore. Here's Hubby and Son getting across the river..

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Dad got a trailer to take the motorbike out for playtime! It's a good set up we've got, and we will take the kids bikes when we go out too, so the other child can ride their own bike when one is having a ride. Hubby let Son accelerate more this time out too, so Son can get used to the feel of moving without pedalling.

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Daughter brought the quilt out the other night and I realized I still hadn't finished it. It has pins along one edge still, so I put it up on the bookshelf to remind me to finish it..

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So there it sits. Waiting. Might be a while.

The other thing we've been up to in the school holidays is skate! Son is getting better with each time out, and Daughter is wanting her own pair now. She is only four, but will fit Son's soon, as he has boots that change sizes.

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It's really fun and good for keeping fit too. Since Son has started the new term at school on Monday we've been walking in the dry weather (fingers crossed it's dry all week) and Hubby got one of these to work out on. They are really neat just to sit on too.


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