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Monday, November 14, 2005

Where I Slept In The Long Weekend

Wow, Sister came over and did some respite for us, so I got two really good sleep-ins. I needed that! Sister also knitted on the Ladybird Blanket for her grand-baby-to-come. She's got three months to finish and she's almost halfway there. Knit faster!

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We had Pepi over the long weekend and we all enjoyed him immensely, even Hubby who at first was sceptical over all the mess - seeds, feathers and poo scattered onto the floor. We were able to keep the lounge relatively tidy though, and he never poo'd on you unless it was a mistake. Pepi was sooo cute when he would give Son kisses and fall asleep on his shoulder. He did it to Hubby as well. Here's a pic of Pepi falling asleep in his cage with his head wedged between the toy and the perch, that's what he did on Son and Hubby's shoulders, between their head and shirt. So sweet!

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The weather over the weekend was pretty good, with a summer storm thrown in just for fun. Son and Daughter enjoyed running around outside in the heat. Here Son is skating around and doing well at turning around and not falling over.

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He was being Batman I think, and the cape helped him "fly" around. I actually sewed him and Daughter masks on Sunday morning, so I'll have to get a photo of them both wearing them to record here. They didn't turn out too bad actually, and both children were wearing them for ages.

Oh, and Billy Boyd has signed on for a couple more films too, Ecstasy and Chancers. You can see the info on one of the websites dedicated to him here at B O Y D I S M - now SMILE!
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