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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Walk Each Day

I'm blocking the second sleeve on the table at the moment, pinned it out last night.

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My stitch got taken out yesterday, didn't even feel it. The nurse in the cath lab said I would have to put pressure on the wound as the stitch is pulled out as it has to pass through the scar tissure from when they put the Reveal in. Thank goodness they were wrong. Here's a link to the after photo, it's not too yucky, after all there are still steri strips across it. I just leave them on until they fall off by themselves.

I'm wearing my skates right now to try to get used to them as they are still feeling fairly stiff. I got them a while ago, and they are Roces brand with 76mm wheels on them. My other skates are Rollerblade brand with much smaller Fat Boy wheels on them. Son has been using them though, so it's a good plan that I get the Roces ready to go skating in. Healthy Body Healthy Mind!

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Hubby got a car for work, but is already thinking of selling it. It's a Nissan Cefiro like this one
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such a comfortable car to ride in, but is a bit heavy on the fuel and not great for working in.


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