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Saturday, October 15, 2005

First Sleeve Second Time

Started the second sleeve, though it's really the first sleeve being re-knitted. I'm just past the cuff. I tacked the actual second sleeve into the sweater the night before last, and it felt much better than the first. A little longer with a bit more ease in the forearm area.
Listening to Eurythmics - Saved The World Today.
Eminem - Mockingbird.
Yesterday I played Back To Bedlam by James Blunt all day over and over 'cause it was just me pretty much all day doing housework and some paperwork. Son was at school all day, and Daughter was at kindy till half past twelve. I'm just about down pat with all the lyrics and even when I'm not listening to the songs I can hear them in my head.

Going to try to get Son a haircut today 'cause he's being mistaken for a girl already, and I told myself ages ago that if that happened, I'd get his hair cut.

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