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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Lots Going On

We've been busy lately. First the car crunching episode where some woman pulled out in front of Hubby and did this...

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then the insurance company wrote the car off as the repairs exceeded the worth of the car. Which is a real shame as it was really worth repairing and was a great car. It will go up for tender at the local auction and someone else can buy and then repair it. Hubby is sorting out another car at the moment - so we are carless.

Then today I went to hospital and got this taken out...

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which has been in my chest for two years. All I can smell now is Betadine. Not unpleasant but a strange odour. This is why...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I had the Reveal in to try to figure out why I am having chest pain, but the monitor did not pick up any odd beats or anything out of the ordinary. I can tell you it was alot of fun riding home in the bumpy bus holding on to my breast like it was a precious baby - lucky it was dark by then but I didn't really care that a few people saw me doing it as it really didn't feel nice having my breast lurching up and down against the fresh wound. I'm just saying that's all.

While I was waiting my turn in the hospital I listened to James Blunt and some Eminem, quite nice really with the hustle and bustle going on all around me.

I have finished blocking my sweater front and back and first sleeve, so now when my arm and shoulder stop hurting I'll attempt to attach them to each other. The back of Daughter's Trellis has been blocked too, and I need to block the sleeve I finished last night - but we need the table tomorrow. I could do it elsewhere anyway as it is tiny compared to my big pieces. Photos will come, I'm going to crash carefully into bed and try not to move the big bandage covering the wound. Stitches come out in a week and by then I'll be able to remove the stinky Betadine dressing.


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