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Monday, October 10, 2005


Yes, I managed to get Son a train set for his birthday - a Thomas one too.
He played with it all day and all the next and then I had to charge the batteries. He's had so much fun trying all different ways to lay the tracks down.

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...and we got to a train show the weekend before, where Son just went nuts going from table to table loving every bit.

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Son and Daughter also had fun yesterday in the sun after two days of rain. Son is using my Inline Skates and getting really good at gliding and pushing.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Today of course it's pouring with rain again and Daughter started morning kindy today. Son has his last Meningicoccal jabs this morning too.

I have attached the sleeve to the rest of the sweater and found that I needed to make adjustments for length and a little width at the cuff end. Already knit up the second sleeve and have yet to block it and attach it to the sweater to see how it fits. If it's a good fit, then I'll pull the other sleeve undone and reknit the first on the same as the second.
I've started the left front of Trellis too. It's going fast because it's small.


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