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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Broad BeansI harvested 10.8 pounds of broad beans on the 4th December. Wow! I made some into my lunch of beans and bacon. I have already given some to a neighbour, and some to SIL#1. Yesterday I blanched and froze 2 pounds of shelled beans.

I have srpouted some pumpkin seeds from a delicious pumpkin I grew last year - well one of many actually. So I've put three of the sprouts into small pots, then I'll put them in the garden when I have cleared some space out the back yard. Today I'm in the garden pulling weeds out of the front gardens. I have already cleared next to the broad beans where the brocolli and brussel sprouts had been earlier on in the year. I want to get a line of peas sown before it gets too close to Christmas. Hopefully after Christmas we'll have some sweet peas to eat straight from the plant. I'm looking to grow Greenfeast peas again, as they have given me a good amount of pods on each plant. These are the huge broad bean plants on the left, and the cleared garden on the right.


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