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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Making Jam

So Dad gave me some rhubarb last week, and instead of letting it go to waste I made it into a rhubarb and ginger jam. Equal amounts of sugar and rhubarb boiled for 15 minutes with some ginger root bruised and tied in muslin. Then remove the root and add 50g of chopped crystallised ginger, and boil for a further 5 minutes. Then you wait for the jam to reach setting point. This was about 3 minutes later for me, but it varies on different ovens and different weather conditions. It's a cooler day here. This made only three jars, though the two larger jars are quite large! I had about 1.1kgs of chopped rhubarb for this batch. The total weight of the jam (in the jars) is 2.5 kgs, with the largest jar measuring 1.2kgs all by itself.
This jam is lovely and sweet, though I can't distinguish the rhubarb taste from the ginger, so when I give one of the jars to my SisInLaw#1 she'll be able to taste it for herself.
I still have plums from last year to make into jams or pies in the freezer, so I will get a batch of plum jam done too over the next few days, or once they have thawed.


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