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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Shawl is coming along slowly but surely, it is turning out quite soft too. Because it is nylon there might not be much warmth in it though, so will be good for the windy days of summer (if I have it finished by then!).

Sister is out of hospital today still without proper diagnosis, she will be an out-patient so they can keep an eye on her. Her pain seems to have lessened, but she is still in a serious condition. We will pray that she gets better soon!

While surfing knitting blogs I stumbled across Photo Friday, where the topic was 'clouds'. There were some great photos but this photo caught my attention and is what I have on my desktop today, I think this photo has great perspective and lighting, it almost looks unreal.

This is one of my cloud photos taken last December while at a local swimming hole just south of Christchurch.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

We thought it was going to rain on us while we swam, but it just developed over the Port hills and stayed way up high in the sky. We could see it growing bigger and were all intrigued by it.


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