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Sunday, June 27, 2004

This is what I'm working on at the moment, it's a pale blue (baby blue I suppose) bri-nylon in 3-ply which I am using two strands of to make it thicker. The pic shows the contrast between using a flash and not, with my Alcatel for size comparison.

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It is taking longer and longer of course the more stitches I add. No surprise there. I am adding one stitch at each end of every row to get the triangle shaping. Not using any pattern as such, just going to stop when it is big enough.

My daughter is a big three year old now, we celebrated by eating cheerios, chips and dip, enchiladas and cake complete with three candles. Granddad was here too, and we all had fun watching the children enjoy their food. At preschool they had sung the Happy Birthday song and daughter lapped that up! She is adorable, and I'm so happy she made it to three.

Have boxes in the third bedroom still, though the second bedroom that the children are sleeping in is mostly sorted now. My knitting is somewhere in that third bedroom and my plan this week is to sort down to it, so I can get on with the aran. I feel like doing cables again. Have had some sort of stomach bug this week so the shawl was a good 'easy' thing to work on while my head was thumping away.... but I'm feeling better now.


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