Just Plodding Along

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Well I've been knitting and reading and knitting some more. Seems I have been reading more than knitting last week though, the meds make me drowsy and all I can do is sit sometimes. I hate that! I read Diana Galbaldons The Fiery Cross, and John Scott Shepherds Henry's List Of Wrongs. Which were both good reads. The Fiery Cross was a long read but interesting. I have got a bit further on the back of daughters striped sweater and it's looking really good but much the same as the front. Got some gardening done and have sprouted some cucumber and capsicum seeds, so I'll be able to put them into pots soon and harden them off before putting them outside. In fact I might go and do that right now while the kids are happy playing and there is a bit of peace and quiet.


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