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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Birthday Boy

We had a party on Saturday for Son who turns five on 5th. On Sunday we went out to my cousins farm where Son fed a lamb, (Daughter did too, but was scared of the lamb when it was standing still), and played with my cousins children. They really enjoyed both days. Here he is feeding the lamb..

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I got a haircut today too, Son reckons my hair will get me married again, so I have to wear a hat and cover it up since I'm already married to Dad. Funny.

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Nice and fluffy..

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In knitting news, I have been able to get half the front done exactly last night. The pain has been bad lately so I have been taking the medicine which means I'm too stoned to knit. I don't want to make mistakes now when I'm almost finished, that would be awful!! I should be doing some more today and tonight when I've had my walk and the kids are in bed.


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