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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Warm Weather

Yesterday was so warm, when I took the kids to the park we had to come home sooner than later as we hadn't put any sunscreen on. Boy it was hot. Then later at night son and I watched the planes coming in to land at the airport through the open lounge door. Though son did get a little scared at having the door wide open to the darkness outside, he did enjoy seeing the lights on the aircraft overhead.

Hubby has a t-shirt that sister said could fit son in as well. So they tried.

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Yep, guess she was right on that thought.

Knitting wise, I'm halfway through the second (yes I said SECOND) sleeve, and then will do the front. I'm getting there, woo hoo!!! Car knitting (Monk's Travel Satchel) is about eleven inches long now. Long way to go on that, but it is hard doing all that moss st too, so good to attack it in small bursts.


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