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Friday, June 03, 2005


Okay, so I should have worked out that 10 balls of this yarn wasn't enough for a sweater for me. I didn't think about that until I had knit two sleeves and half the front and only had a couple balls left. Mmmph. Oh well, at least my fingers were busy knitting during all that tv watching and rainy afternoon knitting whilst kids were happy playing! I have undone all the work as I won't be lucky enough to match this yarn to anything, as it's really old from Dad's friend's stash. It is nice and soft though, so I thought I would experiment with it and attempt a garter stitch sweater/jacket/all-in-one something-or-other for about Daughter's size. I'm piecing together rectangles and squares to see if I can get a neat pattern out of it.
Nothing to show except for a rectangle that is completely twisted garter stitch, and it's not too interesting. My thumb is still split though, even when I've been lathering on lotion before bed and throughout the day when I can, and right now it's bandaged up with ointment inside the bandage to soften the skin up. The bigger knitting doesn't seem to annoy it though. Been having the 'other' stuff happening, so I haven't been that comfortable this week, bummer.

Daughter loves this dolly I was looking at today, and said "You make this, okay?"
Well, I'll have a go once I've overcome my newness at sewing and all the cool stuff that is incorporated into the project. Like making arms and legs. And a face.
Should be fun.

Oh, and I finally found Ralph Fiennes as the fiend Francis Dolarhyde from Red Dragon. Looky at his makeup and psychotic stare...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

yes it's too much. I want to see this film again soon.


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