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Monday, September 19, 2005

Snow Day

Son and Daughter are home from school and kindy as it's snowing out and we're not used to being stuck at home. Making the most of it though, as Son still has a cold and is happy enough to sit and write out the alphabet that he knows and play games on his computer. I'm playing Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron on DVD and it makes wonderful background music. Daughter loves the movie too, it's her favourite.

I'm also knitting and got around four more inches on the front done last night, haven't got a photo though as it's the same as last time just longer. Steady progress is good, though I am enjoying the knitting of it and every row I get closer to the end the sooner I won't have the knitting to do. Does that make sense? I am really enjoying the process of making my cabled sweater and feel that it is good therapy for how I'm feeling at the moment.

I have Alice Starmore's Aran Knitting book out of the library at the moment and I'm longing to knit St Brigid. It would look lovely on me (if I don't say so myself) and I would love the knitting of it. I want to knit it with the Alice Starmore yarn too if I can find it anywhere. I have seen Rowan Aran Tweed in the local Knit World that would be good enough to replace Starmore's yarn if I can't find it. Lots of people have blogged or posted about knitting it. This colourway is in the Alice Starmore yarn 'Wilkinson' and in the book there is also an image of the colourway 'Brass' which I would like mine knitted in. Seems that the yarn hasn't been available in a while now, so I'll have to find a good substitute for it.

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Looking at the Photo Friday Challenge too. It's a wonderful way to see beautiful and/or bold images of our world.


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