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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


So on Sunday the kids and I went to a hardware shop to look at prices of wood and equipment for building a platform as a treehouse for Son. Oh, Daughter will be playing in it too. I picked up some Great Lakes Lettuce while I was there, just small plants, guaranteed to have at least 12 plants. Well, I planted them on Monday and there were 26 plants. Woot! Some of those won't make it as Monday turned out to be very hot in the afternoon, and a few of the plants looked quite sad by nightfall. Good to get another thing done in the garden. I'm waiting for the rain to ease off so I can dig at the compost and spread it around where I want to plant stuff. It was 30C yesterday, so of course I didn't do it then!
The next thing will be to pick all the broad beans and dig their nitrogen rich roots in so the ground will be ready for the next crop. Still not sure what I'll put there over summer. May even put some tomato plants or try my luck at making a bean teepee!


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