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Monday, September 28, 2009

Knitting For Others

I was sorting out my cupboard in my room a few weeks ago, and tried to sort out the wool too. Then I found a pattern to knit up a baby singlet, socks and a beanie to knit for Pregnancy Help inside a pamphlet from KnitWorld. I remembered that I had found 5 28g balls of baby wool, so decided to try my hand at baby knitting. I have knitted up two pairs of socks and a singlet so far. I'm nearly half way through the front of the second singlet.
The socks were very fast to knit up, and easy to follow too. I'll wash them and send them in to PH when I'm finished. Mum says she may have baby wool to bring up to me, she won't use it, so we may as well give it to someone who needs it. I finished knitting my own socks over a week ago and then I started straight on the baby singlet.

Daughter has been wanting to get into sewing too, so today we went in and picked up some odds and ends from the Salvation Army shop, cheap enough for her to play with. A couple of days ago she made the start of a quilt top, 5 inch squares sewn all together in lines then together again. She's going to blog here http://www.kellysratfriends.blogspot.com/ about it I think.



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