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Monday, December 17, 2007


I've had these plants for a week now, with no let up of pouring rain or extreme temperatures until today, and even then I had to wait for evening to come before planting them, as it was over 30C today!

I planted two courgettes and a pumpkin plant along the north-east fenceline. I put two tomatoes in against the north-west fence next to a stake that I heavily composted around. They all look lovely and healthy too, I'm hoping they survive the hot weather that's coming.

My other plants are doing okay, with one tomato plant already bearing half a dozen fruit on it.
The kids had fun picking some red currants and making 'juice' with them. They squished the fruit in their hands and mixed the juice with some raro from the fridge and loved it. I'm sure they had fun doing it.

I still have some broad beans on the plant to gather, and also have some beans to plant out. I'll make them grow up something though, and may end up putting them up against the south fence, it gets a lot of sun.



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