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Thursday, November 19, 2009

One Week Until Son's Camp

Daughter wants to go and see the new Twilight movie, so we'll do it when he's away at camp.
Son is really looking forward to sharing a cabin with his best friends for two nights, while during the day he gets to try archery, rope climbing, kayaking and tramping, and a whole lot more.

So we've (I've) been tidying up the house this last week.
I found that if I put all Daughter's toys into plastic bags and then put them in the roofspace it makes her room a lot tidier. Only a short grumpiness before she realized that it was better with only seventytwo gajillion toys instead of seventythree gazillion on the floor.
Of course, picking up her junk, I mean toys, made me want to clear the stuff on the piano that was going to be sorted a year ago. I did it today before lunch. I feel like I've lost 5 pounds with all the clutter gone. Phew.

I've been thinking recently about the fact that when Mums at school don't want to talk to you (for various reasons I'm guessing, not anything to do with me either) they just walk past and give a nod (or not) and keep walking. When the Dads at school don't want to talk, they wait in their car until they are sure their child is out before they come into the school, or they wait waaaaay over in the comfort of some distant tree trying to look like they aren't there. I find it a little unsettling, but will get used to it I'm sure. It's probably nothing to do with me, and I'll keep saying that too. I don't know what has happened to them during the day. Sometimes though, I think maybe I come across as a bit needy, wanting the conversation to keep running. Like today though, there's a reason. I was alone all day, tidying, housework etc, I talked to my Sis briefly as I'll see her tomorrow. So by the time I got to school I was ready to talk to anyone about anything. That doesn't happen alot though, most of the time I just want to get the kids and go home and not be bothered with other people's problems. I have enough of my own to order and cross off as they happen.

Must get the piano tuned now too. I've been practising a bit more recently, and it would be nice to hear it in tune.



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