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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The long awaited crochet scarf for my daughter, got around to taking a photo of it.Finally!!

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The colour really is a lavender/gray/pale blue but on my screen the photo really does not do it justice. I may have to add more to the length as daughter keeps pulling it off while she wears it around the house - or it may be that because it's new she keeps wanting to look at it.

I am still plugging away at the shawl and it is almost moving from a travel on the bus project to a sit on the couch project. It looks the same as the last photo I posted but just bigger. That means I will have to start on something else - perhaps the aran sleeves would be small enough to lug onto the bus and knit. After all, the size is for a three year old, so the sleeves aren't that big.

Not finished unpacking yet.Ugggh. But at least we are getting on with living here and the children are happy with their room. I want to get the third bedroom ready for daughter to move into, as they are staying up quite late talking and what-not, and with sleeping in separate rooms they will hopefully get more sleep than they have been.

Father has visitors from Invercargill for a few days so we haven't seen much of him as he's busy entertaining. The children have asked a few times where Granddad is at tea time, as they are used to having him here often for his meals.

Hubby has been ill lately with some sort of stomach bug that comes with a migraine headache, so he's trying to get back into the rhythm of working and dealing with everyday stuff. GET BETTER SOON JAS!


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