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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Finished items!!
The aran is finished, complete with a button at the side so it goes over daughter's head as I almost stuffed up the collar.  Somehow I decreased too many times so had to fudge the neckline and collar.  Good save though, daughter loves it.  She'll rub her tummy for ages on the cables, and likes the shorter sleeves too.
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Sister-in-law has knitted the bands for the tiger jacket, and sewed in the zip last tuesday, so I took photos of how she does it.  Here are her hands pinning in the zip evenly so it doesn't pucker...
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...and here she is starting sewing the zip in with some black cotton thread...
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....a few minutes later she's at the other end...
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...and here's the back of the jacket, gotta love those stripes!.... 
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...here is the front complete with zip sewn in all neatly and not all the way up so it won't scratch sister's grandson's neck....  
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...and last of all here is a close up of the rolled ribbed collar, very neat huh?  Grandson tried it on the same afternoon and loved it.  He likes Tigger from Winnie The Pooh, so this is the Tigger jacket for him to enjoy.  He wouldn't take it off, and was playing later with his cars on the carpet and saying "Tigger!"
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I am still working on the shawl though it is hard going because the rows are so long.  I have also started a hat for son out of the same Tweed I used for daughter's hat, but I'm knitting it from the top of the hat, and increased for the crown instead of decreased if you get what I mean....
....anyway, I'm knitting until it's the right length to cover his head then I might put ear covers on it if he wants them.
Having the nephews over was great and we really enjoyed them, they have gone back to the North Island now, but we will see them again next school holidays.
Son missed another birthday party today, as he has been sick with a cold all week and we thought he might be okay to attend his friends 5th birthday party, but really we couldn't let him go to it.  We have told him that he won't see his friend at preschool on Monday, but he doesn't seem to understand that once someone goes to school, they don't come back unless it's for a visit, and even then not all Mums do that.  I will have to enrol him in kindergarten in our area so he can make friends with someone that will attend the same school as him.


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