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Monday, July 12, 2004

Spring will be here soon
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courtesy of our old garden.

We've had our nephews here a wee bit lately as they are on holiday. They stayed the night here on Saturday with their Mum after we had a BBQ tea. Granddad left soon after tea as he was getting tired, we watched Poison Ivy soon after he left. It was an okay movie for the younger children to watch, but the older ones picked holes in it nearly all the way through.
Also hubby networked the laptop and PC so the nephews could play against each other in the game Starcraft. They played until after midnight as they were having so much fun. Straight after breakfast the following morning the gaming started up again.

I took my children for a few walks over the past couple of days while I delivered pamphlets. Son rode his bike, and daughter rode in the buggy as she doesn't go far at all.

The other day at the mall I saw this Tweed
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on sale for $2.99, and liked the look of it. It is 70% acrylic 25% wool and 5% viscose, and feels very warm. I knit daughter a warm winter hat out of almost one ball,
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and she says it is nice and soft to wear. I might make son one too, although he says he prefers black. I have one more ball plus the partial ball leftover from the hat, so I might indulge myself and make something for me!

Aran-wise I just have to attach the second sleeve, and knit the collar.
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The Wee Aran Project has been really helpful, and hopefully will also help me with my collar, I know that I'll have to have a button on one side of the collar, but that's cool. I've done buttons before. We are having nephew #2 over tonight for dinner and to stay the night again by himself, then tomorrow night #1 will stay. Our children love having them around as they are like big brothers to them.


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