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Monday, July 05, 2004

Well this morning I wrote a lovely letter to a lady in Florida who is concerned about her son's Brugada, and then when I was finished I saved it to sent messages in H*tmail where it promptly disappeared when I pushed 'send'. I guess that will teach me for using the M*N stuff, I really should have forwarded her email to my personal account and then responded to it; now my hubby can't read what I wrote, and I've no record of what I sent.

Have to learn the hard way sometimes, as DCTalk would sing.

We are all going to the sister's house tonight for a special tea with her two boys, they are visiting her for the holidays. She is still in some pain, but instructed to get to the hospital quickly if the pain gets severe so they can monitor her.

I finally got my knitting box out, and have redone the first sleeve of the aran so far. I started off with the main cable and moss stitch, but thought it looked too busy for a sleeve, so changed it to moss stitch and stockinette stitch. I also started at the top of the sleeve and will decrease towards the cuff when I think I have the correct length. I will measure on daughters arms when I think I'm getting close to done.

Get clicking those cameras for the Photo Friday Challenge on "Father".


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