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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Here's a blast from the past...
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I made this out of an old sweater around 2000/2001 and added the green yarn, this was my first sweater for an adult.  I made a baby size one before this one, in 1999, but it was very basically knit all in one piece and seamed at the sides.  I'm still trying to find the picture of it.
I see the ring code is working, so I must have got it right when I inserted it into the Blogger template!  Hooray!
The children both have ear infections, son gets them often, but daughter usually gets away without getting them.  So I have the company of children all day for the second week now, as they don't go to preschool sick.
I finished son's hat (photos soon) and have started  the Monks bag, can't remember where I got that pattern from, but I'll look.  I've got a long way to knit now, across the bottom of the bag and up the sides and across the handle, not in that particular order though.
Happy knitting for now.


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