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Friday, February 11, 2005

And the pumpkin grew bigger and bigger....

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...until I had to turn it away from our back door. We do need to shut the door at night you know. Can't have the thing growing in the house even though son wanted it to!

Have been knitting the wee stripey sweater for daughter, and have seamed up the side seams and have to pick up stitches around the armholes for the sleeves and knit them up (or down) depends on which way you hold it.
Knit up a quick hat for daughter for this coming winter, then it was a little too tight for my liking, so I undid the whole thing and knit it again! This time casting on another inch or so for more ease.

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It worked out pretty well, so will have to make a few more with the odd balls of yarn in my stash.


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