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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

So I started on a hat for hubby with some stash yarn. Mohair in black. The thing is this, it is starting to look like something
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no, it isn't a caterpillar! But it seems to be a little too feminine.
I'm thinking I'll finish it anyway for myself and buy some more yarn in a non-fluffy sense. I need the circ needle for the stripey sweater so I am deciding that wednesdays are definitely going to be knitting nights. "Lost" is on New Zealand tv now, so I want to watch that and keep my fingers otherwise engaged.
In other news, the indoor cucumber plant in the pot has flowered a minature flower!
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So we may have a mini cucumber soon (if at all).

I have been looking around other blogs too, and some have heightened my interest in quilting. So I got out my scraps of material I've been collecting for years and started on this small quilt (because it's my first I don't want to make it too hard) using these fabrics so far..
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..so I'll do that in between doing all my other jobs.


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